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The Fabric of the Cosmos

For a fascinating and accessible look at the weird and wonderful world of cutting edge physics and cosmology, check out the new NOVA TV series The Fabric of the Cosmos (website) that starts tonight on US PBS stations. The series … Continue reading

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Astrophysics for the rest of us

Columbia University astronomer David Helfand gives a brisk and bracing introduction to the cosmos in Frontiers of Science – Astronomy (website, iTunes), a series of three lectures on astrophysics, and you don’t need to remember any of your high school … Continue reading

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What Every President Should Know About Energy

If you haven’t yet had a chance to listen to Richard Muller’s great UC Berkeley course Physics for Future Presidents, you can can get the 10-minute executive summary in this recent UC Davis presentation,What Every President Should Know About Energy … Continue reading

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10 top things to do with your iPod during a financial meltdown

10) Learn about stress in baboons. Our primate cousins have a lot to teach us about handling stress according to this lecture (iTunes) by Stanford stress researcher Robert Sapolsky. 9) Take a meditation break. Get the free audio for short, … Continue reading

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Quantum physics made relatively simple

Nobel laureate Hans Bethe, one of the giants of 20th-century physics, was present at the birth of the atomic age. He worked on the Manhattan Project and.rubbed elbows with the likes of Niels Bohr, Enrico Fermi and Albert Einstein. In … Continue reading

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Physics for future presidents

It’s always thrilling to watch/listen to a teacher who clearly loves his subject, and that’s what you get with UC Berkeley physics professor Richard Muller who teaches Physics for Future Presidents AKA Physics 10: Descriptive Introduction to Physics – website … Continue reading

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Five-star professors

Yesterday the New York Times ran a story about MIT physics Professor Walter Lewin who has become a video star at age 71 thanks to his popular online physics courses. Another professor who deserves five-star status is UC Berkeley history … Continue reading

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