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When is a course not a course?

You may have noticed that iTunesU has a new section on its front page entitled New Courses. And you may also have noticed that some of these courses are not really true university courses, but are instead collections of lectures … Continue reading

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Interpreting the Bible

The Bible is one of the foundational texts of the Western tradition and Harvard historian Shaye Cohen’s course The Hebrew Scriptures in Judaism and Christianity (iTunes) gives a lively introduction to the different ways believing Christians and Jews have interpreted … Continue reading

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New courses from Harvard

Until recently, Harvard University course offerings on iTunesU were limited to computer science courses from Harvard Extension. But now Harvard University has posted three courses on its own iTunesU page. They are: Introduction to Computer Science (iTunes) David Malan The … Continue reading

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Prospecting for free courses in France, Germany & Israel

It seems like there are more free courses on the web every day. Here are a few non-English resources that I have been exploring recently. Eberhard Karls University, Tübingen, Germany (website) Most of these free video courses are in German, … Continue reading

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Chaos helps explain biology

I’ve raved before about Robert Sapolsky’s fantastic Stanford course Human Behavioral Biology (iTunes), but I have to draw your attention to two stand-out lectures near the end of the course. In lectures 21 and 22, Sapolsky talks about how the … Continue reading

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Introduction to Behavioral Economics

What happens when a bunch of psychologists try to investigate the assumptions about human behavior that underlie the discipline of economics? You get Behavioral Economics, a fascinating mix of economics and psychology explored in the new UC Berkeley class Economics … Continue reading

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Harvard, MIT & Stanford introduce computer science to the world

In the 1970s I worked for a few years as a computer programmer, writing applications in the now obsolete COBOL language on an IBM mainframe that had a whopping one megabyte of memory. It was clearly the stone age of … Continue reading

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Some old UC Berkeley favorites are back

I have been browsing around in the recently restored UC Berkeley Classic Courses, trying to find some of my old favorites from my Best free courses & lectures collection. It wasn’t easy because the restored courses are listed only by … Continue reading

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169 Berkeley courses are back!

Just in time to celebrate the new fall term, UC Berkeley’s webcast team has finished posting 169 courses that went offline during the site’s remodel.  These courses are now available on iTunes U in the Classic Courses section of the … Continue reading

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Classic lectures by Donald Knuth now online

Legendary computer scientist Donald Knuth, who is now a professor emeritus at Stanford University, was one of the founders of modern computer science. He authored the classic multi-volume text, The Art of Computer Programming, which laid the groundwork for the … Continue reading

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