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Conversations with History

If you want more than the usual media storylines about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and foreign policy in general, check out Conversations with History (website, iTunes, Youtube), a TV program from the Institute of International Studies at University … Continue reading

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More free books in your pocket

If thousands of free books in your pocket are not enough, here’s another source for free books. The Internet Archive, a nonprofit organization in San Francisco, is perhaps best known for its Wayback Machine, a digital repository of defunct web … Continue reading

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How to predict the future with game theory

Will the Copenhagen climate summit lead to any meaningful reductions in greenhouse gasses? In a word, no. That’s the confidant prediction of the “Predictioneer,” a.k.a. Bruce Bueno de Mesquita, professor of politics at New York University, who has developed a … Continue reading

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Lincoln’s Greatest Speech

No, it’s not the Gettysburg address. According to Lincoln scholar Ronald C. White. Jr., Lincoln’s greatest speech was the Second Inaugural Address, his famous “with malice toward none, with charity for all” speech that promised healing and reconciliation to the … Continue reading

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Thousands of free books in your pocket

Over the past few months I have become quite addicted to my silvery iPod Touch, Apple’s palm-sized iPod with a 3 x 5″ video screen. My iTouch was a freebie bonus when my husband bought an iMac and the big … Continue reading

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Freud was wrong about catharsis

Why does the “talking cure” pioneered by Sigmund Freud and his students help relieve anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses? Freud famously taught that psychotherapy helped the patient achieve catharsis, or purging of the emotions. This was helpful, Freud thought, … Continue reading

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BackStory keeps getting better

BackStory (website, iTunes) is a public radio show and podcast about US history that keeps getting better and better. The latest episode, Grave Subjects: A History of Death and Mourning (website, iTunes) is a riveting discussion of death and dying … Continue reading

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Book tour sightings

Recent book tour sightings on the net: Jewish Book Week 2009 The 2009 Jewish book week is now online (website, iTunes), with lots of book news and conversations with literati and assorted pundits. Some good bets: American Fervour (website) Columbia … Continue reading

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The fall of Rome

Book Review: The Fall of Rome: And the End of Civilization by Bryan Ward-Perkins. I was surprised to learn that many historians are writing a history in which the Roman Empire never fell,  and of a late antiquity that was … Continue reading

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Authors give writing advice

If you’re looking for some writing inspiration, tips on technique, or just some insight into how authors and playwrights get their ideas and set to work, here are a couple of good online options. Creative Writing, Open University (iTunes) The … Continue reading

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