Power Searching with Google

It’s happened to all of us. You open your browser for a quick Google search, but but you find yourself sorting through dozens of useless pages.

So, the folks at Google have a solution: a short online course entitled Power Searching with Google.

You have to sign up to get access to the videos, which are being rolled out this week, along with short quizzes and activities that give you a chance to practice new search techniques. There’s also an online forum for questions and help when you get stuck, and some online chat sessions scheduled with Google search experts.

Even if you consider yourself a champion searcher, you’re likely to learn a new trick or two. And if you don’t want to sit through the videos, you can read text summaries of each lesson.

Note: One of my readers has commented that you can search for “Power Searching with Google” on YouTube.  I tried it, and the materials do not seem to be the same as the current Google videos narrated by Google senior research scientist Daniel Russell.  The online chats are posted here.

Sign-ups for the class are open through July 16.

(Via Lifehacker.)

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One Response to Power Searching with Google

  1. John says:

    Search for “Power Searching with Google” on YouTube. The course materials appear to be hosted there – no signup required.

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