New courses from Harvard

Until recently, Harvard University course offerings on iTunesU were limited to computer science courses from Harvard Extension. But now Harvard University has posted three courses on its own iTunesU page. They are:

Introduction to Computer Science (iTunes) David Malan

The Hebrew Scriptures in Judaism and Christianity (iTunes) Shaye Cohen

Probability (iTunes) Joseph Blitzstein

If you have an Apple idevice, you can subscribe to these courses using Apple’s iTunesU app, which gives easy access to additional materials such as syllabi, course notes and web links. But if you’re not an Apple acolyte, most of these materials are also available through the iTunes store software.

All of the above courses have gotten high marks from reviewers on iTunes, and I am currently listening to the Hebrew Scriptures course, which I am enjoying greatly and will talk about in a future post.

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One Response to New courses from Harvard

  1. erik says:

    If you are on Linux, you can use tunesviewer.

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