Prospecting for free courses in France, Germany & Israel

It seems like there are more free courses on the web every day. Here are a few non-English resources that I have been exploring recently.

Eberhard Karls University, Tübingen, Germany (website)
Most of these free video courses are in German, but a few are in English. Scroll down to Neuphilologie (modern languages) and you’ll see English courses on Shakespeare, Modernism and other literature topics.

College de France, Paris, France (website, iTunes)
Founded in 1530, the College de France offers free public lecture series and courses, mostly in French but some of them are dubbed in English.

Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel (website, YouTube)
Back in the day, when I was an exchange student at Hebrew University, students took courses only in their own majors. Chemistry majors studied chemistry and archeology majors studied archeology, and there were many bureaucratic obstacles to surmount if you wanted to explore another field. No more. Now the university offers a series of courses called “Corner Stones” that give science majors a glimpse of the humanities and humanities students a peek into the sciences. All of the courses are in Hebrew but some videos on the YouTube site are in English, such as this conference on String Theory.

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