Great freeware tool for managing your e-books

If you have an e-reader or like to read books on your smartphone or Apple i-device, you should check out Calibre, a great freeware tool for managing your e-books.

Think of it as iTunes software for your e-books. It allows you to easily manage your e-book collection, and it makes it incredibly easy to find free e-books or comparison shop among commercial editions. For example, suppose you want to find a free edition of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

Just click on Calibre’s “Get books” icon, type in the title, and the program scans Project Gutenberg, Amazon and dozens of other e-book sources. You’ll get a result window that looks like this.

Double click on a result, and a download link opens in your browser.

Another fun feature is Fetch News.

Calibre has links to 1106 news sources in dozens of languages. The program can fetch your newspaper or magazine and format it for downloading to your device. I’ve been enjoying reading the French newspaper L’express, and reading it on my Kindle. I’ve outfitted my Kindle with a French-English dictionary, so I can easily look up words I don’t know.

If you’re trying to learn a foreign language, this is a great way to get additional practice.

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