Berkeley update: grassroots edition

While University of California Berkeley has yet to restore any of the missing courses to its website (background and here, here and here), at least one Berkeley fan has taken matters into his own hands.

You can now find audio files of the lectures for 14 UC Berkeley courses on the non-profit site Brendan Scott uploaded these courses he says, “to save whatever lectures are available from the University of California at Berkeley after their podcast repository was removed without warning on 1 July 2011.”

Included are a number of my favorites, including The Ancient Mediterranean World by Isabelle Pafford and US History: from Civil War to Present by Jennifer Burns. Some popular philosophy courses by Hubert Dreyfus are also in the collection.

Scott has been careful with copyright notices, making it clear that the copyright belongs to the UC Regents. And I have been advised by the staff at webcast.Berkeley that the courses were published under a Creative Commons NC-ND license which allows sharing under the conditions of attribution, non-commercial use, and non-alteration.

Scott is asking folks who have lecture files they are willing to share to get in touch with him at miscLogins at

(Technical note: Some of the files are in m4a rather than mp3 format, so if you have a non-Apple mp3 player you might need to do some conversions. A free converter that I like is the RealConverter, part of the RealPlayer from

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One Response to Berkeley update: grassroots edition

  1. Deb says:

    Thank you so much. I am glad that I can continue ti listed to Pafford.

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