Berkeley update: many courses still on iTunes U

Alert reader Alex wrote in to point out that many of the courses deleted from the new UC Berkeley webcast site are still available on Berkeley’s iTunesU page. In the coming days I will try to update the links in my directories to point to the iTunesU courses.

Sadly, some of my favorites, such as Margaret Anderson’s history courses, are still missing from the Berkeley iTunesU offerings. The Berkeley iTunesU page is harder to navigate than the old Berkeley webcast site, because the courses are listed by department name and number (e.g. Biology 100), without any useful description. Still, half a loaf…

Update 7 July 2011:  Things are looking up.  Berkeley has added links to its iTunes courses on its main website, and you can view the course descriptions there as well as the titles.

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2 Responses to Berkeley update: many courses still on iTunes U

  1. Ben Hubbard says:

    I’d also like to thank Alex! I’d also like to note that those courses that are available on iTunes U are now linked to from the webcast.berkeley course listings. We are also working to restore a number of courses to iTunes U and are migrating a number of other courses to YouTube. Once published these courses will be available via webcast.berkeley. More information is available in our most recent update:,2953

  2. Kurisi says:

    UC Santa Cruz got a lot of courses in this link. They are not that well organized but by searching the site you will discover a lot of great courses in there.

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