Speeding up those slow podcasts and lectures

This post is for users of the iPod nano and iPod Touch and iPhone. If you’d like to speed up some of those slow-talking professors here are a few tips.

First for you iPhone and iTouch folks. There’s a nifty control bar that you see when you tap the screen while you are playing a podcast or audiobook. In this illustration, the control bar has a blue square that reads “2x.” That means that the podcast is running at two-times normal speed. To slow it back down, tap it once, and it will play at half speed. Tap it once again and it plays at normal speed.

The next tip is for iPod nano users. It involves tricking the iPod into thinking that your podcasts and iTunesU lectures are audiobooks. To use it you have to go into Apple’s iTunes software. Right click on your podcast, and then choose Get info / Options. Now, change the “media kind” from podcast to audiobook.

To find the podcast on your iPod, you now need to look under audiobooks. To change the speed of your new “audiobook”, go to your iPod settings, and click on “Audiobooks.” There you can click on faster, slower or normal.

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