Online learning for the hearing impaired

Most of the online courses and lectures here at The Do It Yourself Scholar are podcasts and webcasts, which are great if your hearing apparatus is in good shape. But what if you prefer visual learning resources?

Recently a reader asked me about visual-only resources, and here are a few options:

  • One of my favorite visual-only sites is Johnstonia, the website of Ian Johnston, a retired instructor at Vancouver Island University. Johnston’s lectures about the Great Books of Western Civ are all in written form. See Reading the Great Books.
  • The 25 lecture courses at Open Yale Courses are available in written transcript as well as audio and video. This is great for students who are not native English speakers as well as for the hearing impaired.
  • You can also try prospecting for courses at The OpenCourseWare Consortium. This site has a search box which lets you hone in on the subject areas that interest you. Unfortunately, the quality and content of the courses is highly variable — you can find a course that has complete lectures in written form like UMass Boston’s Polysci 220 – International Relations, but many of the courses have little more than a syllabus and a reading list.

If you know of any other good visual-only resources, please leave a comment.

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