Treasure trove of philosophy resources

This one is for you philosophy fans. The blog WhooshUp has compiled a great list of philosophy podcasts and webcasts. There’s also a bit of literature thrown in for good measure.

While the blog focuses mainly on the classes of UC Berkeley philosophy professor Herbert Dreyfus and Harvard professor Sean Kelly, there’s lots, lots more.

Here’s a taste of some of the resources on the WhooshUp list:

More posts on philosophy

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One Response to Treasure trove of philosophy resources

  1. Robert says:

    Why post material that’s of such poor audio quality? Example: The Georgia lecture series on Plato’s Republic. The tapes are garbage; clearly done by some student in the back row on a tiny and tinny digital recorder–these are of such marginal quality that AT LEAST they should be accompanied by a prominent disclaimer, noting that they’re “for the desperate only,” or otherwise for people who don’t mind pathetically inadequate recording levels, along with the background noise that accompanies them.

    I greatly appreciate having access to reasonable quality recordings, and don’t expect professional/studio quality, but some of these are just ridiculous–and it would save time for the curious to be so informed up front.

    Thanks / end of rant.

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