UCSD, UCLA classes begin this week

New class rosters are up at the UCSD and UCLA podcast websites. A few of my old favorites have returned. You might want to check out these:

Introduction to Political Theory (feed) Brian Walker, UCLA.
UCLA Professor Brian Walker has an infectious enthusiasm for political theory that makes this course a joy for his listeners. The course surveys the work of two conservative theorists, Aristotle and Confucius, and two liberal theorists, John Stuart Mill and Henry David Thoreau.

Sociology of Mass Communication (feed) Gabriel Rossman, UCLA.
How does the American entertainment industry work and why does it work that way? Why are media conglomerates getting bigger and bigger? You’ll find the answers in this course. Rossman has an entertaining, conversational style and peppers his lectures with lots of examples.

East Asian Thought (feed) Victor Magagna, UCSD.
Victor Magagna teaches this overview of East Asian political thought, which can help Westerners better understand why Asians might make political and business choices that might be different from their own choices. (See earlier post East Asian Thought from UCSD.)

MMW 4 New Ideas/Clash of Cultures (feed) Matthew Herbst, UCSD.
MMW (Making of the Modern World) is a 6-part course that covers world history, from the earliest hominids to the present day. Matthew Herbst, a masterful teacher, leads this tour through world history from 1200 to 1750.    (See earlier post Making of the Modern World at UCSD.)

Formations of Modern Art (feed) William Norman Bryson, UCSD.
Art historian William Norman Bryson is back with his lively and entertaining introduction to the French Impressionists and other moderns. Sadly, the podcasts are not available in video.  However, you can see the images he discusses at the course website. (See earlier post A different take on the Impressionists.)

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