A History of Jerusalem

Jerusalem from Mount of Olives. Image credit*

How did a provincial hill-town, with no significant natural resources and far from major trade routes, become a holy city for millions of people? That’s the question archaeologist and biblical scholar Robert Cargill seeks to answer in his fascinating new UCLA course Jerusalem: The Holy City:A History of Jerusalem from Ancient Canaan to Modern Israel ( iTunes video).

Cargill, a lively, conversational lecturer, peppers his talks with anecdotes and examples to help make sense of ancient culture and religion. In the first few lectures he’s tackled questions like what makes a space sacred, and how does Jerusalem figure in the myths and metaphors of the three Abrahamic faiths..

The iTunes U feed is video, which allows you to see Cargill’s lecture slides, although unfortunately the oblique camera angle is suboptimal.¬† The video files are often very large, so you might want to shrink them with a program like the freeware Any Video Converter. (see How to download streaming audio and video/ Part 2).

The class blog is here. The syllabus is here.

Image credit: Wikimedia commons. Creative commons license. By Wayne McLean.
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