Listening to Music at Yale

I’ve taken violin lessons and guitar lessons and listened to music all my life, but I’ve still found lots to learn from Listening to Music (website, audio feed, video feed), an introduction to music course taught by Yale musicologist Craig Wright.

While Wright considers himself a WASP with “every reason in the world to be repressed,” he brings plenty of enthusiasm and verve to his lectures, along with a lot of spirited piano playing.

With a course like this, good audio quality is crucial, and the Open Yale Courses program is up to the task. You can hear most of the music quite clearly, whether it’s Wright playing the piano or a recording of a Mozart symphony.

Even better, this course has a video option, which I highly recommend. While most online courses are fine in audio-only, this course really gives extra value in the video, where you can see the music notation on the blackboard, and watch Wright’s hand motions when he demonstrates how to conduct an orchestra, or how “your body signals where the downbeat is.”

If you want to follow along with the excellent text book, Wright’s Listening to Music, you can find lots of used copies available online.  Although most of the used copies don’t come with the accompanying CD,  I’ve found most of the musical pieces are available for free listing on Youtube.

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2 Responses to Listening to Music at Yale

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  2. I have fallen in love with the Open Yale Courses

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