Coming attractions at UCSD and UC Berkeley

At the University of California, San Diego classes begin on Monday, January 4. You can get an idea of the coming attractions at the UCSD podcast website. Some of my favorite professors will be back in podcast land.

Historian Matthew Herbst will be teaching Byzantine Empire (feed).  He taught some wonderful survey courses in the UCSD Making of the Modern World series, and since his area of specialization is the Byzantine Empire, I’m expecting great things. The syllabus is here.

And political scientist Victor Magagna will be back with Political Development of Western Europe (feed).  The last time Magagna taught this course, a number of the lectures weren’t recorded due to technical problems, so I’m looking forward to finding out what I missed.

At the University of California, Berkeley classes will be underway on January 19. Some of the spring semester classes are already posted on the UC Berkeley podcast website. I’m looking forward to a new class from historian Thomas Laqueur, The History and Practice of Human Rights . From the website it looks like an intriguing investigation of how human rights came to be a dominant concept in law and political theory. Back in 2006 Laqueur taught an excellent survey course European Civilization from the Renaissance to the Present (website).

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