UC Berkeley needs you

And now we pause for a public service announcement.

The University of California, Berkeley (a.k.a. “Cal” to alumni, students and sports fans) is in dire financial straits because of the global financial crisis and California’s own home-grown budget crisis.

So, while you’re pondering your year-end charitable donations, please spare a thought for Cal. If you feel you benefit from Cal’s generous open access to its course podcast website, consider paying some fraction of what you’d have to pay for similar courses from high-priced vendors like Harvard and Open University.

Cal makes it easy to donate. Just look for this link in the upper right corner of the podcast webpage.


In the breadth of its public podcast offerings and in its high production values, Cal is the preeminent public university in the world. You can help support Cal’s open access courses so that they can stay open.

P.S. UC San Diego and UCLA also need you, if you’re feeling generous.

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