How to find the good stuff on iTunes U

Some of you have asked how I find the good stuff on iTunes U. After all, a lot of colleges offer mainly PR fluff, like virtual campus tours and welcoming speeches by the dean of students.

So, here are my secrets. Every few days I do some of the following.

1. Survey the main iTunes U page (open iTunes and click on the iTunes U link at the top). Apple changes the “featured” content on a regular basis, and I click on whatever catches my fancy. I also keep on eye on the “top downloads” list for interesting candidates.

2. Check out the major course collections (Stanford University, UC Berkeley, Yale University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology) to see if there’s anything new.

3. Look at the Universities and Colleges page. Apple flags any newcomers, so it’s easy to click on the link, and see if the school is offering anything interesting.

4. Check out the categories list on the main iTunes U page. When I choose a category, say history, iTunes takes me to a subject page that includes a “new and notable” list. Sometimes this leads to a great find. It’s also good to scan the “top downloads” list for more interesting candidates.

5. For current affairs, look at Fora.TV and UChannel.  For general browsing, check out UCTV and WGBH.

6.  If I’ve encountered an interesting lecture or interview in my recent listening, I use the iTunes search box to look for more lectures by the same person.

So there you have it. Happy hunting, and let me know if you find something great.

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