Harvard online: now enrolling

The on-line classes for Harvard Extension begin Aug. 31, and you can peruse the new offerings here. Although actual enrollment is pricey ($900 to $1,975 per course), you can usually listen in for the first few weeks of class for free. In a couple of cases in the past, they didn’t close the gate until after week 3. So check it out. This may be your chance to go to Harvard for free (for a week or two).

A couple of courses to keep your eye on:

Western Ascendancy: The Mainsprings of Global Power from 1600 to the Present, taught by the sometimes acerbic and always interesting historian Niall Ferguson.

Theater, Dream, Shakespeare, taught by Shakespeare scholar and lecturer extraordinaire Marjorie Garber.

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One Response to Harvard online: now enrolling

  1. marc p says:

    Hello Dara,

    I can only suppose it’s because you’ve been spending all your time listening to the new online courses that you haven’t told us anything about them for two weeks. (Or perhaps you’re on holiday, with an iPod full of lectures.) I’m impatient, your site has become such an essential reference point, and I’m sure not only for me. Looking forward to your next posting…

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