Making of the Modern World at UCSD

Here are a couple of great UC San Diego classes to grab before they disappear at the end of the quarter (approximately the second week of June).

Students at UCSD’s Eleanor Roosevelt College take a two-year history course called Making of the Modern World that covers major historical events and cultural movements from prehistoric times to our own day.

Two masterful lecturers are presenting the classes this quarter.

With history Professor Matthew Herbst’s MMW3-The Medieval Heritage (feed) you can time-travel to the time of Alexander the Great, and hop across the globe to take in events in Asia, the Middle East and the Americas. The syllabus is here.

(If Matthew Herbst is not to your taste, or if there are glitches in the recordings, you can fill in the gaps with another version of the course taught by Charles Chamberlain (feed)).

And with sociology Professor Ivan Evans you can watch the events of the 20th century unfold in MMW6-The Twentieth Century and Beyond (feed). The first few lectures are missing, but you can begin in the third week of class with the Russian Revolution and follow along as Evans narrates the rise and fall of Communism, the second world war, the Cold War and the international challenges of today. The syllabus is here.

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One Response to Making of the Modern World at UCSD

  1. JK says:

    Thanks for posting this. I did not know that Prof. Herbst was also teaching this term and I was listening to Prof. Chembarlain’s series so far.

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