Book tour sightings

Recent book tour sightings on the net:

Jewish Book Week 2009
The 2009 Jewish book week is now online (website, iTunes), with lots of book news and conversations with literati and assorted pundits. Some good bets:

  1. American Fervour (website) Columbia University historian Simon Schama talks about the role of religion in US history.
  2. Rhyming Life and Death (website) You can listen in as Israeli novelist Amos Oz talks about books, the Hebrew language and the writing life with his longtime translator Nicholas de Lange.

The discoverer of “Lucy” gives an update
NPR’s Science Friday (website, iTunes) recently featured famed anthropologist Donald Johanson, the man who in 1974 discovered Lucy, the fossilized skeleton of a 3.2 million-year-old hominid. He discusses his new book Lucy’s Legacy: The Quest for Human Origins.

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