Time is running out for UCSD winter 09 courses

The last day of class for winter 2009 at UCSD is Friday, March 13. Soon after that most of the course podcasts at the UCSD podcast website will disappear.

Some courses you might want to grab before it is too late:

Enlightenment, Romanticism, Revolution/1660-1848 (website, feed) Eric Watkins.

This interdisciplinary course covers the philosophy, literature, science and art of the European Enlightenment and Romantic periods. See post: Enlightenment, Romanticism, Revolution/1660-1848.

Introduction to Cognitive Psychology (website, feed) David Peterzell.

Peterzell is a great talker with a self-deprecating sense of humor and a store of interesting anecdotes.  This course covers the often surprising ways our brains perceive and make sense of the world. (See Introduction to cognitive psychology)

The Political Development of Western Europe (website, feed), Victor Magagna.

Magagna almost always provides new food for thought and interesting new frameworks for understanding how political institutions work. But he never leaves the discussion completely on a theoretical level. He always provides historical examples, and here his exceptional gifts as a storyteller have a chance to shine. See The Political Development of Western Europe from UCSD.

Change in Modern South Africa (website, feed), Ivan Evans.

(The syllabus is here.) This course traces the rise and fall of South Africa’s apartheid state and will discusses post apartheid South Africa. Evans is a colorful speaker who peppers his lectures with challenges to his students and sardonic asides. (See: Two great sociology classes from UCSD)

The Study of Society (website, feed), Ivan Evans.

In this class Evans introduces the key thinkers and concepts of sociology starting with Karl Marx and Max Weber. (The syllabus is here.)

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