Enlightenment, Romanticism, Revolution/1660-1848

ImageUndergraduates in UC San Diego’s Revelle College take a 5-course sequence called Humanities (website), which covers the greatest literary, artistic and philophical hits in Western Civ, from the ancient Greeks to the modern day.

This quarter web diy scholars can listen in on the podcast of Humanities 4: Enlightenment, Romanticism, Revolution/1660-1848 (website, feed) taught by Eric Watkins. (The syllabus is here.) So far, I am especially impressed by lecture 2, which covers the Newtonian revolution in science. Watkins gives the clearest exposition I’ve ever heard of the difference between Aristotelian science and Enlightenment science.

Update on 6/30/09:  Like most UCSD podcast courses,  this course disappeared at the end of the quarter.  But check out this related course: European cultural history 1660-1870.

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