Happy 200th Birthday to Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin was born February 12, 1808, and in honor of his birthday Darwin lovers the world over are celebrating.


Charles Darwin at the age of 51. Image credit*

The BBC’s Darwin bash began this week with a special 4-part documentary (website) on the Beeb’s often excellent history/philosophy/science radio show In Our Time (website, feed, iTunes). Abandoning the show’s usual panel discussion format, this series follows host Melvyn Bragg as he tours England with Darwin scholars, visiting important sites in Darwin’s life. For example, in the first episode Bragg visits Cambridge and tours the fens where Darwin got his basic training as a naturalist by collecting beetles.

(Grab these podcasts while you can. In Our Time podcasts remain on the server for a short time only. After that, you can listen to the episodes as streaming audio on the show website.)

Other Darwin happenings on the web include:

  • The Open University’s Darwin page.
  • A course from UC San Diego on Darwin’s Legacy (feed).
  • A course from Stanford University on Darwin’s Legacy (iTunes).
  • A lecture series from Case Western Reserve entitled Year of Darwin (iTunes).
  • An episode of APM’s Speaking of Faith on Charles Darwin (iTunes).

For other Darwin lectures on iTunesU, click here. For other Darwin happenings around the world, check out DarwinDay.org.

*Image credit: Wikipedia. Public domain.
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