DIY Scholar’s top 25 posts of 2008

Here are the top 25 posts of 2008 on The Do It Yourself Scholar. Thanks for dropping by.

  1. Best free courses & lectures
  2. Two views of ancient Rome
  3. Yet more Harvard for free
  4. Go to Harvard for free
  5. The best psychology lecture on the Internet
  6. How to download streaming audio and video
  7. Psychology courses
  8. More Harvard University for free
  9. About Dara
  10. How to download Brad DeLong’s economics courses
  11. World History from 1200 to 1750
  12. Learn political economy on the Web
  13. Quantum physics made relatively simple
  14. Dara’s discoveries
  15. More lectures on ancient Rome
  16. Looking for courses?
  17. Attention Roman history fans
  18. Guide to iTunesU
  19. Learn economics on the web
  20. A do-it-yourself international relations
  21. What is open courseware?
  22. Introduction to Psychology at Yale
  23. Politics and Warfare
  24. More Roman history from Isabelle Pafford
  25. History of the International System
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