Missouri State posts course collection on iTunesU


Missouri State University recently joined the small group of colleges and universities that have posted complete free courses on Apple’s iTunesU. (See my Guide to iTunesU for other iTunesU courses).

The Missouri State collection (iTunes) includes 17 full courses available as video downloads. Subjects include history, literature, science and music.

I have already sampled a few of the courses, and have found that the technical quality is high with few of the technical glitches that often mar university course podcasts.

Other first impressions:

ENG 351: Survey of American Literature II (iTunes), Clark Closser
Closser has a pleasant, conversational lecture style and in the first lecture offers an interesting introduction to the work of Samuel Clemens and Bret Hart.

HST 122: History of U.S. Since 1877 (iTunes), Dominic Capeci, Jr.
In my opinion Capeci has a slow, plodding way of speaking which makes it hard to enjoy this otherwise interesting subject.

REL 101: Literature and World of the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible, John Strong (iTunes)
This distance learning course looks like it was made for TV, and includes some fascinating video interviews recorded in Israel at the dig at Lachish (see lecture 10). John Strong has an engaging style and I enjoyed the lectures.  On the negative side,  he repeats himself frequently (probably to facilitate note taking.)  Also he sometimes explains very elementary concepts (e.g. that a “school of thought” means a group of like-minded thinkers) that should already be part of the mental furniture of university students.

(Technical note: if you want to view a lecture on a video iPod rather than on your computer, wait until the lecture is finished downloading into your iTunes software. Then click on the lecture title, and go to the “Advanced” menu. Then click on “create iPod or iPhone version.”


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