The Bible’s Buried Secrets on TV & YouTube

In the past 50 years archaeologists have done much to illuminate the world of the Bible and challenge traditional notions of how the Bible was written.

Last month PBS broadcast The Bible’s Buried Secrets, a special two-hour edition of its award-winning science program NOVA,  which presented a summary of that research in dramatic form for a popular audience.

If you missed the broadcast of this excellent program, you can still watch it on the show’s website, along with a lot of extra material, including extended interviews and extra scenes that didn’t make it to the final show.

If watching all that leaves you hungry for more, check out Christine Hayes’ fascinating online Yale course, Introduction to the Hebrew Bible (website), which features a close reading of the Bible along with a discussion of the surrounding cultures, and what the Bible meant in its original context.

There is also a series of interviews with leading archaeologists now available on YouTube. These interviews, hosted by UC San Diego archaeologist Thomas Levy, were originally broadcast in the early 2000s. Here is the first of a series of three interviews on biblical archaeology, featuring biblical scholar Richard Elliott Friedman. Other interviews in the series are with archaeologists David Noel Freedman and David Goodblatt.  In an earlier interview, Levy spoke with archeologist William Dever, who is featured in the NOVA program.

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