Last chance for some great UCSD classes

UCSD's Geisel Library. Image credit*

UCSD's Geisel Library. Image credit*

Time is running out for downloading some great UCSD classes. UCSD usually erases course podcasts from its website at the end of the quarter, and the 2008 fall quarter ends on December 13.

Here are some classes to check out before they disappear on Dec. 13.

Formations of Modern Art (website, feed), William Norman Bryson.
In this course Professor Bryson offers a lively and entertaining introduction to the French Impressionists and other moderns. Although the podcasts are audio-only, you can follow along with Bryson’s lecture slides at this website.

MMW4 New Ideas/Clash of Cultures (website, feed), Matthew Herbst.
Professor Herbst is your guide to this survey of world history between 1200 to 1750. Unlike many history survey courses, the UCSD Making of the Modern World series looks at developments all over the globe, including Europe, China and the Middle East. The syllabus is here.

Science Fiction (website, feed), Stephen Potts.
This course takes a look at the lives and works of some masters of modern science fiction including Ursula Le Guin and Philip K. Dick. The reading list is here. The syllabus is here.

California government and politics (website, feed), Thad Kousser.
This course combines California history with a view of how government and politics really work in the Golden State. Professor Kousser, a self-described “political junkie,” brings humor and deep understanding to his lectures.

East Asia Thought (website, feed) Victor Magagna.
In this  course political science professor Victor Magagna explores the world of East Asian political thought, and how the Eastern political tradition continues to influence political and business leaders in Asia today.

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons. GNU Free Documentation License.
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