The best financial crisis lectures yet

In what may be the best academic webcast yet on the current world-wide financial mess, three University of California Davis professors present Understanding the Financial Crisis (iTunes, YouTube).

Economic historian Alan Taylor leads off the panel giving a concise and understandable overview of the crisis. Next up is finance professor Brad Barber who talks about what the situation means for small investors. The take-home lesson: investors should remember that stocks are risky and can stay depressed for long periods.

Finally we hear from historian Eric Rauchway, who compares the current crisis with the 1929 stock market crash, and comes to the comforting conclusion that there are significant differences between the current situation and the financial crisis that led to the Great Depression.

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2 Responses to The best financial crisis lectures yet

  1. praveen says:

    can i get pwer pont presentations or papers in pdf formats
    about financial crisis

  2. Dara says:

    Check out Brad deLong’s blog:

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