10 top things to do with your iPod during a financial meltdown

10) Learn about stress in baboons.

Our primate cousins have a lot to teach us about handling stress according to this lecture (iTunes) by Stanford stress researcher Robert Sapolsky.

9) Take a meditation break.

Get the free audio for short, guided meditations from UCLA’s Mindfulness Awareness Research Center (iTunes) (website). (See Ready for a break? Try meditation)

8) Read some classic literature.

Stanford literature professors Marsh McCall and Martin Evans are your guides in this course (iTunes) which provides commentary and guidance to some of the greatest classics in world literature including Oedipus and Hamlet.

7) Learn how to be happy.

Listen to Harvard’s Tal Ben Shahar’s lecture (website) on positive psychology, the science of happiness. (See The best psychology lecture on the Internet.)

6) Prepare to be president.

The incumbent US president has made such a mess of things, almost anyone could do a better job, maybe even you. To get a head start on what you should know, listen to UC Berkeley physics professor Richard Muller ‘s entertaining and instructive course, Physics for Future Presidents (feed, iTunes).

5) Learn about human emotion.

It may help you deal with the manic depressive stock market to understand the fear and greed behind it. Listen to UC Berkeley professor Dacher Keltner’s great course (website, feed) on the physiology and psychology of emotion.

4) Study the Bible in a new way.

Yale’s Christine Hayes gives a great Introduction to the Hebrew Bible (website), which focuses on the cultural context of the biblical books, and how they were composed and understood in antiquity. You can also listen to York University Professor Philip Harland’s podcast, Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean (feed), which talks about the cultural context of early Christianity through a close reading of the books of the New Testament.

3) Take time out for a chuckle.

The funniest show on American radio is National Public Radio’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me (website, iTunes), a news quiz which mocks and laughs at the absurdities in the week’s news.

2) Discover a good book.

There are lots of great podcasts about the world of books. You can find many of them on my page, Sites for book lovers.

1) Take the long view.

Listen to these three great history courses, which will remind you that things could be, and have been worse.

  1. The Rise and Fall of the Second Reich (Website) Margaret Anderson, UC Berkeley.
  2. History of the International SystemiTunes –James Sheehan, Stanford University.
  3. European Civilization from the Renaissance to the PresentWebsite – Margaret Anderson, UC Berkeley.
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3 Responses to 10 top things to do with your iPod during a financial meltdown

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  2. Hi Dara,

    This is a great post. Excellent content and a very clever, original and humorous way to present it. You had me laughing in tears, and nodding in agreement


  3. MMD says:

    Was pleased to discover your website. You might like Paul Cantor’s lectures on Literature and Economics, available online through the Ludwig Von Mises Institute.

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