New free computer classes from Stanford

A classy new website, Stanford Engineering Everywhere, is now online and open for business, with 10 free computer classes, ready for watching or download.

This new university course portal, funded by venture capital firm Sequoia Capital, sets a new standard in free online courses. Not only can you watch the course videos online, or download them for later viewing, the website offers transcripts of each lecture, homework assignments and solutions, exams, and even an interface with Facebook so that you can exchange notes and comments with fellow students.

Three of the courses are introductory programming classes, so even online students with no computer background can get started. As an instructor Mehran Sahami comments in the first lecture of Programming Methodology (website), the only prerequisite is to know how to turn on a computer.

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One Response to New free computer classes from Stanford

  1. tharindu says:

    I reckon this will help me to improve my knowledge

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