The mysterious missing courses/ Part 2

It’s official.  University of California, San Diego, unlike its sister campuses at Berkeley and Los Angeles, does not plan to make its course podcasts available indefinitely.  Instead it will continue its current policy of removing the course podcasts from its website at the end of each academic term. This is the text of a e-mail I recently received from the UCSD Media Center.

It is University policy that podcast are removed from the listing once the quarter ends. Faculty can opt to leave the podcast posted, but most do not.

The moral: if you see a course on the UCSD website that interests you, download it now. Tomorrow may be too late. (Classes for the fall term start next week.)

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2 Responses to The mysterious missing courses/ Part 2

  1. philagon says:

    What? Do they think they are going to sell them elsewhere? It seems a waste of time to post them publicly if they aren’t leaving them up indefinitely. I think Itunes provides free storage space through it’s Itunes U, so that isn’t a valid excuse either.

  2. Dara says:

    I agree, it is disappointing. On the other hand, it’s great that they make them publicly available at all. Most schools do not offer any public access.

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