Newsflash: UCSD posts courses for fall 2008

The University of California, San Diego (UCSD) has posted the roster of courses that will be available by podcast when instruction begins on Thursday, September 25.  It’s not too early to check them out, and subscribe to something that strikes your fancy in iTunes or other RSS reader.

Based on prior quarters, I can especially recommend:

  • POLI 103A – California Government & Politicsfeed– Thad Kousser
    Kousser talks about the way California politics really works and gives lots of historical background so that the modern clash of rival interests makes sense.
  • MMW 4 – New Ideas/Clash of Cultures feed– Matthew Herbst
    This course looks at world history from 1200 to 1750.  Herbst is well organized and speaks intelligently about a wide range of cultures and historical events.

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One Response to Newsflash: UCSD posts courses for fall 2008

  1. Yes, I like Herbst too. He is also the leader of the MMW program

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