Brad DeLong — the antidote to the Wall Street Journal

Okay — I admit it. I read the WSJ every day. Before Rupert Murdoch took it over, it was the best newspaper in the country. Even with all the changes, it’s still pretty good.

But the folks who write the editorial page never saw a tax cut they didn’t like and they were foursquare for the Bush’s “ownership society.” So, I make sure I don’t overdose on conservatism by regularly checking in on Brad DeLong’s website. Delong, a UC Berkeley economics professor and former Clinton treasury official, pours out his scorn in a recent post on McCain’s health care proposals. He explains why it’s bad economics both in the short run and the long run. See it below, or check in on Delong’s audio and video page, which also contains audio files of many of his academic lectures.

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