Newsflash: UC Berkeley posts fall courses

UC Berkeley. Photo credit at end of post.

UC Berkeley campus. Photo credit*

The fall 2008 semester starts tomorrow at UC Berkeley, and you can see a list of the courses that will be podcast on the Berkeley podcast website.  Among the promising courses:

  • American Economic History taught by Brad DeLong.  DeLong posted most of his lectures from last year’s course on his own website, but quite a few lectures were missing.  Assuming no technical difficulties intervene, DeLong fans should be able to hear the missing lectures this semester.
  • Developmental Psychology taught by Alison Gopnik.  I listened to this course last year when it was taught by Lori Markson, and was astounded to learn how much babies understand of the world even before they learn how to talk.
  • Descriptive Introduction to Physics taught by Richard Muller.  This is another edition of a perennial favorite (see Physics for future presidents).  Muller presents concepts in physics together with their economic and social implications.

I’ll have more to say after I sample the new offerings.

*Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons. GNU Free Documentation License.
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2 Responses to Newsflash: UC Berkeley posts fall courses

  1. Anne the Man says:

    I see that the courses have a Creative Commons logo in place where they used to feature the link to the podcast feed. Would you think this means the lectures are no longer put in a feed?


  2. Dara says:

    Good question. I sent an email to the webcast tech staff. This is the reply:
    “At this time, the feeds do not appear until content has been published. Once the first lecture is available, the feeds will be available for subscription.”

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