Games people play

If you’ve listened to psychology or political science course podcasts, chances are you’ve run into references to the prisoner’s dilemma, the famous strategy puzzle which forms part of game theory, the mathematical analysis of strategy.

So, what’s game theory all about?  A great resource is Introduction to Game Theory (website, iTunes), taught by John Fountain, economics lecturer at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Fountain, who peppers his lecture with humor and lots of examples, makes game theory accessible, even for those of us who’ve forgotten most of our high school math.  And since the course files are in video, you can follow along with the visual aids and diagrams, a huge advantage.

Technical note: the course files are QuickTime movies that you can play on your computer using iTunes software.  But if you want to watch them on an iPod, you have to convert them to a different format.  To do the conversion in iTunes, right-click on the file name and choose “convert selection for iPod/iPhone.”

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