Lectures to raise your China IQ

Just in time for the Beijing Olympics, here are some web resources to help you better understand China’s history and its place in the modern world.

Landscapes of China (iTunes) These 15 short lectures sponsored by the Asia Society are a great introduction to China’s past glories and current challenges.

Asia Society (iTunes, website)  There’s a lot more to explore on the Asia Society website and on its iTunesU page.  For example, in this interview, Washington Post foreign correspondent Philip Pan talks about how Chinese leaders have been able to produce economic growth without political liberalization.

China and the West: Divergence and Convergence (website)  In this WGBH lecture, Harvard history professor Niall Ferguson talks about the astounding economic rise of China and what it can mean for the rest of the world.

E. Asia Thought (website, feed) Victor Magagna, UC San Diego
In this summer session course political science professor Victor Magagna explores the world of East Asian political thought, and how the Eastern political tradition continues to influence political and business leaders in Asia today.

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