Useful free software for podcast fans

You’ve probably noticed that when you listen to a podcast from a subscription podcast feed, your iPod will bookmark your place if you stop listening in the middle and start listening to a different file. Then when you come back, you can continue listening where you left off.

You lose this feature if you listen to a regular MP3 file, such as the files you get from Open Yale Courses. If you stop listening in mid-file and then come back, you have to fast forward through the file again to find your place. Now enter MP3 to iPod Audio Book Converter. This free program will convert a regular MP3 file into the iPod “audio book” format which supports bookmarks, and allows you to start listening where you left off.

Another great tool is Free iPod Video Converter. If you download a video file in a format that your iPod does not recognize, such as a real media video file, this program will convert the file to a format your iPod can use.

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