Books, books, books

You can’t listen to university podcasts all of the time. Sometimes you just want to curl up with a good book. The following are my favorite podcasts for keeping up with the world of books and discovering interesting authors.

NPR: BooksWebsite– –iTunes
This podcast is a grab bag. It includes interviews with authors, reviews and reading recommendations from celebrities, librarians and a very literate London taxicab driver named Will Grozier.

KCRW: BookwormWebsite– –iTunes
Every week Michael Silverblatt conducts a searching and often illuminating conversation with an author of a new book. Recent guests have included Oliver Sacks, Russell Banks, and Ann Patchett.

Book Lust with Nancy PearlWebsite– –iTunes
Librarian Nancy Pearl just loves books, and it shines through in her radio interview show Book Lust. Her guests include authors as well as enthusiastic readers who share their love of books with the host and her listeners.

The Washington Post Book World Website– –iTunes
Editors of the Washington Post book review supplement Book World chat about book news during the first five minutes of this podcast (I usually fast-forward through this part), and then conduct extended interviews with authors of recent books.

The New York Times Book ReviewWebsite– –iTunes
Each week Sam Tanenhaus, editor of the New York Times Book Review, highlights some of the books reviewed in that week’s paper. Sometimes he’ll chat directly with the author, and sometimes he will speak with the book reviewer.

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