Three gifts from the Scots

Updated Sept.14, 2008: This course is no longer available.

According to a Harvard history professor Niall Ferguson, his fellow Scots have given the world “three things for which you should be grateful”: the game of golf, the drink known as whiskey, and economic liberalism. This last gift, he contends in lecture 3 of his course Western Economies, Societies, and Polities: From 1648 to the Present, is the most important intellectual contribution that Scotland made to the Enlightenment.

Check out the first few entertaining and enlightening lectures in this Harvard Extension School course, that are available for free to nonpaying students. After the first few weeks, these lectures are restricted to enrolled students. Ferguson, who is a best selling author as well as a Harvard professor, sets the scene for a Europe’s big leap into the industrial revolution in these introductory lectures.

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