A do-it-yourself international relations course

Updated Sept 13, 2008

Regular readers will know that I am a big fan of John’s Hopkins Professor Daniel Deudney’s class in international politics (feed), even though the online feed starts in mid-semester.

Deudney’s class left me wanting more, but despite diligent searching, I could not find a complete international relations course on the web. Still, there is a way to cobble together a complete course from three different sources.

First, download and read the lecture notes from UMass Boston’s Polysci 220 – International Relations. Ok, you can’t listen to the lectures on your iPod, but they fill in some important concepts.

Second, listen to Daniel Deudney’s lectures (feed). Now you’ll understand a lot of the references that wouldn’t have made sense otherwise. The payoff? You’ll have a whole new understanding when you read the newspaper or listen to the evening news.

Third, listen to Stanford historian James Sheehan’s course History of the International System – iTunes. Here you’ll see how the foreign relations theories play out in the history of the 20th century.

(Update 29 July 2011: A fine International Relations course is now available from Middlebury College political scientist James Morrison.)


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