Yet more Harvard for free

Fans of Harvard lecturer Tal Ben-Shahar (see: The best psychology lecture on the Internet) will be pleased to discover that two of his courses are available for free in their entirety as streaming video lectures.

They are:

Update Oct 5, 2008: These courses are no longer available.

A caveat: Harvard usually keeps its courses securely locked behind password protected gateways. It’s not clear if Harvard left these courses open to the public on purpose or by mistake. So, if you want to watch/listen to Tal Ben-Shahar’s courses, you should probably do so quickly before Harvard decides to lock the door.

If you want to save the video streams for later watching, check out this earlier post. Also, the latest version (version 11) of the free RealMedia Player is supposed to be able to save streaming real media files, but I was unable to get this version to work on my Windows XP system. I had to go back to RealMedia Player 10.5 (get older version here).

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