University of California podcasts

Two University of California campuses, UC Berkeley and UC San Diego (UCSD), are generously allowing public access to all of their course podcasts. Now is an exciting time for fans of academic podcasts, as these two campuses begin to post their rosters of courses for the new academic term.

UC Los Angeles (UCLA) also allows some public access to podcasts courses, but the offerings are much more limited. When you browse the UCLA site, look for classes that do not have a padlock icon next to the course title. Those are the ones available for public download. Open offerings for the Winter 2008 quarter are:

Classics 164 – Spectacle Entertainments in Ancient Rome – Paolo Monella

Honors Collegium 70A – Genetic Engineering in Medicine, Agriculture, and Law – Robert Goldberg

Life Sciences 4 – Genetics – Jay Phelan

Political Science 30 Politics and Strategy – Kathleen Bawn

Psychology 135 – Social Psychology – Benjamin R. Karney
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