Five-star professors

Yesterday the New York Times ran a story about MIT physics Professor Walter Lewin who has become a video star at age 71 thanks to his popular online physics courses.

Another professor who deserves five-star status is UC Berkeley history professor Margaret Anderson, who just finished an outstanding series of podcast lectures on German history. As an extra bonus for do-it-yourself Web scholars, Dr. Anderson has posted the lecture notes and PowerPoint slides for her lectures. To get to the lecture notes, click on this link, and then search for History 167B.

Be sure to check out her lectures on romanticism and turn-of-the-century Vienna.

Course tidbit: In late 19th century Germany there was more anti-Catholic legislation (a lot) than anti-Jewish legislation (none).
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One Response to Five-star professors

  1. Anne the Man says:

    I agree. Not only is she great in this German History course, also her version of History 5 (otherwise known in the Thomas Laqueur version) is also excellent.

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